Santa Monica CA Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mike Ductworks is one of the most trusted companies in Santa Monica, CA. This is because we are offering several services that allow our customers to improve the air that they breathe inside their room. All homeowners in the Santa Monica area should check out what we have to offer especially since Santa Monica is a beachfront city. Read on to know how we can help you.
We are most known for our air duct cleaning service in Santa Monica. This is because homes need constant air duct cleaning. There’s a good chance that you haven’t cleaned your air duct in a very long time. In fact, most of our clients haven’t cleaned their air ducts before they contacted us.



Air Duct Cleaning

What they didn’t know is they were inhaling low quality air because of all the dust and mold that have accumulated in their air duct. Unfortunately for you, there’s a good chance that the same thing is happening to you and your family. Do you want to continue inhaling low quality air? That can make you sick and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Mike Ductworks takes care of its clients and this is why the company is offering this service. We can’t wait to improve the quality of air that you breathe inside your home.


Air Duct Replacement

A lot of homeowners failed to maintain their air duct and this is why they needed air duct replacement. Even as professionals, we can’t really blame homeowners for not maintaining their air ducts. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But this doesn’t change the fact that your air duct needs maintenance. If you haven’t been maintaining it, then you may need to have it replaced. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. We’re also offering air duct replacement in Santa Monica and we are getting a lot of clients. This is proof that you may need this service as well.

You need to have us check your air duct right now. It may need immediate replacement and the longer you delay, the longer you’re exposing yourself and your family to potential dangers. Allow us to take a look and if it doesn’t need to be replaced, then at least you have peace of mind knowing that it’s in top-notch condition.


Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Admittedly, dryer vent cleaning is not really related to air duct maintenance. However, as a company that puts a premium on the safety of our clients, we also decided to specialize in dryer vent cleaning in Santa Monica.
This is because we recognize the potential safety hazards that a clogged dryer vent can bring. Yes, your dryer vent can get clogged and it can start a fire. There’s a very good chance that there’s lint buildup inside your dryer vent and it can start a fire anytime. Why wait for it to start a fire and potentially harm yourself, your family and your property if you can have it cleaned right now?

However, this is not to say that you can go ahead and clean it yourself. Specialized skills and equipment are needed and we have them. Just give us a call and we can clean your dryer vent for you. In addition, we’re also offering dryer vent repair in Santa Monica. A lot of people throw out their dryer thinking that it’s broken. In a lot of cases, repairing the dryer vent can help bring it back to optimum performance.


Attic Cleaning

You probably know by now that Mike Ductworks is all about improving the quality of air inside the home. This is why we also decided to offer attic cleaning Santa Monica services. The attic is where we store things that gather dust. After all, that’s why we place these things in the attic right? It’s because we don’t use them anymore so they’ll just gather dust there.

You may not know it, but the dust in your attic makes its way to the general areas of your home. This means that you and your family are breathing the dust from your attic. To make matters worse, mold also builds up in the attic, so you get to breathe in mold as well. Worst, your attic becomes a breeding ground for pests like rodents. You know that these pests bring in diseases.

One of the best attic cleaning benefits is you and your family will be healthier because you’ll be breathing healthier air. Also, you get to “kick out” unwanted residents if you contact us because we’ll make sure that the pests are taken care of.


Insulation Replacement

Are you noticing that it’s colder during winters and it’s warmer during summers? There’s a good chance that there’s a problem with your insulation. If you’re noticing that your electricity bills are rising, then it’s almost a sure thing that you need our insulation replacement Santa Monica services.
We want our customers to feel comfortable in their own home. This is why we’re offering our insulation replacement services. We can replace your insulation to make sure that your home is properly insulated so that you’ll be more comfortable during any season. Best of all, we also want you to save money and replacing damaged insulation can help bring down electricity bills. These are the insulation replacement benefits.


About Mike Ductworks

You probably realize by now that our goal is to make sure that the quality of life inside your home is improved. We specialize in making sure that your home is safe and comfortable. We do this by making sure that the quality of air inside your home is improved and there are no dangers brought upon by pests, dust, mold and dryer fire.
We take pride in taking care of our customers. From the moment that you call us or visit our main website you can expect professional services. Start breathing healthy air inside your home. Our customer service team is ready to politely help you in any way that they can so you can improve the safety and comfort of your home.

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